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Matt SkinnerThe DealMaker at Twelvestone Group, Inc.

I have access to some of the best real estate investment opportunities on the planet.

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Real People

Matt has so many techniques to get into deals. It got my brain ticking[...]
Francis F
"Even after a year, it keeps working for me; I've elevated my game and that's why I keep coming back.[...]
Bruce O
"I invested with Matt because it was a good return. I think owning any value add or cash flowing property[...]
Peggy B
"I decided to invest with Matt because he's not a newbie to the field, and the growth of his company[...]
Logan A

Real Returns

  • 23 Unit Apartment Complex in Los Angeles
    23 Unit Apartment Complex in Los Angeles
  • An Apartment Complex We Just Finished
    An Apartment Complex We Just Finished
  • Five Acre Subdivision
    Five Acre Subdivision

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