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Real People Real Returns, is a community of like-minded Real Estate Investors who believe in the power of cash flow as a foundation for wealth creation and the creativity of development as a catalyst for windfall profits.

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We will teach you the art of making deals, including being a Power Negotiator and Mastering the Art of Selling Anything so you can:

  • Increase your personal power in the market place.
  • Make deals anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.
  • Raise private equity and get the best bank financing available.

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Discover How You Can Own Once In-A-Lifetime Deals

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Now you can own cash-flowing apartments or world-class development projects
all for about the same investment amount of a down payment on a house.

Did you know?  About 40% of our Investors use their


(Or rollover 401k)

to make tax-free windfall profits in Real Estate.

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About the Founder

Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner

Director, Twelvestone Capital Partners, LP

Matt Skinner, a leading real estate entrepreneur in Southern California, currently serves as Director of Twelvestone Capital Partners, LP, and its group of funds.

In the present market, Twelvestone Capital Partners, LP, is buying quality apartment assets for cash flow in emerging markets as well as returning to its roots developing high-end custom spec. homes, multifamily and commercial projects.

Mr. Skinner founded this community, Real People Real Returns, to keep his inner circle of investment partners up to date with all of that goes on in the real estate investment world as well as to show Real People how simple it is to make Real Returns by owning quality Real Estate.